One thank you at a time

Do you need to get some papers? Solve something through a public or private company?

Say “Thank you for your help, have a beautiful day.” and smile. You will make someone happy and you’ll also feel better.

We are energy and we are connected.

Set an example. Most importantly, for yourself.

You can create joy. One “thank you” and one smile at a time.


Everything I thought defined me were addictions

I was certain that humans and art were my biggest passions in life. I was certain I would do whatever needed to protect these two.

While being a bit more aware of myself these days, I can see how they are two strong addictions I connected my self worth to.

If you make art simply because you enjoy the process, it’s fine. If you start thinking that your self worth comes from what you do, or don’t do, things get twisted.

If you love people in an unattached way, as a natural state, that’s fine. If you do whatever you can, because you want to fill a hole in your heart, things get twisted.

What matters is the reasons and from there, the state you’re in, while doing something.

If you’d be entirely honest with yourself, why are you doing what you are doing? Make a list.


Listening and being generous with yourself

No matter how you feel, be generous with patient, generous and joyful with yourself.

If you would do this with most people, why skiping yourself.

No matter what journey you’re into, what inner fight you try to understand, be generous with yourself. Everything will transform and your states will change.

Your current approach is building you. Be generous with yourself.


Set results, not tasks

Probably the greatest performance strategy learned and tested recently.

If you use any type of to do list on a constant basis…

Set the results you want to accomplish, not random tasks and actions.

Doing the appropriate work is far more valuable than hiding behind chaos and randomness.

Set results, with sub-tasks representing each action needed to be done and prioritize those actiona.

That’s it.


  1. Fetting what you actually intended
  2. A different view on objective, success, performance and focused result
  3. More time for you
  4. More energy to enjoy the process

Have you tried it? How did it worked for you? Share your experience to inspire others.


Let yourself be

Dilemas? Problems? Being blocked? Not knowing what to choose? Feeling like you can’t choose?

Get out of your mind. Get out from that story. Your mind is not real.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to do a few tiny things that actaully make you happy.

Let yourself be. Will ya?


Champions ask for help

The absolute best people in the in their chosen field are, most of the time, super coachable.

They have results not because they are better, smarter or luckyer than you. But because they got help from other people, did the work and got new lessons on the way.

If you can’t figure something out for the moment, relax, get calm and ask yourself:

“How can help me for real in this circumstance?”

Then accept being helped.

It’s great to give, but giving and receiving come together.

When was the last time you asked someone for help and what did you asked for?


Day 24

dac-aș fi aproape singur pe-o insulă pustie
aș vrea să vii cu mine să mergem la cofetărie
să facem călărie să ridicăm o brutărie
să fim astronauți scafandri exploratori sau crocodili

apoi dintr-o mișcare să facem din ocean o mare
din insulă o barcă călătoare
cerul povești să spună și vorbind cu noi
să ne trimită ploi și nuferi și girafe mici
oameni pitici și să adauge

acum voi continuați să fiți
creați lumina dinăuntru doar bucurați-vă și cuceriți
tot universul o oglindă ce știe ce voi știți și poate infinite lucruri

râdem plecăm călătorind ne-ntoarcem tot mereu la noi
eu știu să cânt iar tu la fel nimic de căutat sau de găsit
și iar astronauți și iar oameni micuți
în buclă împlinim în joc ce am văzut și tu și eu ieșind din vis


I am building a project, but it doesn’t feel right

I am building a project, but it doesn’t feel right? Why?

Maybe you are doing it in a way that’s not aligned with you. With the Real you.

And here comes the why question once again. Why are you doing it? What is it for?

Are you doing it to get something, to get something or are you doing it to express your Real self?

Build it the way you want it.

What do you want? What are your priorities?


Want purpose? Start with how

I know Sinon’s books, “Start with why” and “Find your why”. They are beautiful and useful. I love Simon and I consider myself a part of the why movement.

Although, I want to propose one more aproach on finding and living your purpose, in case you are still searching.

Instead of asking “What am I suppose to do in life?” you can ask “How do I want to be?”. More precisely: “How do I want to become?”



  1. Write down how you want to be. In your list may be loving, kind, funy, generous, free, strong or anything else
  2. For each of them you will write simple/ doable tgings you can do at any moment to inforce what you have on your list
  3. You do them whenever you feel you need more purpose in your life


Why it works:

  1. You start woth yourself, not with an external goal or desire
  2. You are free to choode the immediate actions, so you can choose actions you truly enjoy doing and that are easy doable in most life circumstances

Your mind is not your enemy

If there’s a creating force in the universe, why would this force put an enemy inside yourself? It makes no sense. So, maybe, instead of an enemy who always runs programs that drag you down, your mind works based on signals? What if it sends you all sorts of signals Helping you to live a fulfilled life?

“Hey, you, this one’s not making you any good.” Then, your job will be replacing your old pattern with a new, healthier one.

What is your mind constantly telling you and why it’s telling you that?


Cause and Effect

To every cause there’s an effect. For every effect, there’s a cause. No matter what you do, there will be consequences. Not choosing is also a choice.

How to use this circle in your benefit?

Choose wisely.

You will only get what you’ve put into it.


Being aware of the work involed

If you are aware of the work involved in releasing a song, constant writing and recording, vocal training, song producing, launches and promotion, you start understanding why it is called the music business. While most of us are used to think of musician and artists and boems, hobbiests who play all day long, there is as much real work involved as it is for any other career.

Same goes with all arts, but also with web design, educating and coaching people, marketing, sales, hairdressing and fixing cars.

When you see it, at lest 3 things happen

  1. You realize all work is needed and important
  2. You can be more open and respectfull to people who have different interests then you do, because you know things do connect in a bigger picture
  3. Being relevant is a matter of context. A winter coat is exetremely relevant to someone who’s freezent and no relevant to someone who’s relaxing under the sun

How to accomplish almost anything?

Do you want to accomplish something, anything and struggle with it?

Make a comitment with yourself. Decide you will do that one thing for 5 minutes every day.

To be sure you engage in the process, buy a new notebook or agenda and write down that you did it at the end of each day.

Write a comment and tell me how is it working in your case.


Do you want to get something? Let go, then engage

Do you want to get something and it seems difficult, maybe impossible?

Let go to everything you think you can and can not, know and don’t know. Let go to all this concepts and empty yourself with an open heart. Feel how it feels, without naming anything.

Then, after letting anything go, breath, smile and simply engage, with your heart open, connected to your spirit, in anything yiu want to do.

You will notice that you will find support not in your thoughts, not in your head, but in you.

The difference is not made by what you do, but by the state you put yourself into while doing anything.

Let go. Then engage.


Day 23

be patient and everything will come
to you
both bold and not so bold
darring and not so darring wishes

be patient and don’t hurt yourself in the process
you’ll need yourself when the time comes

be patient and kind with yourself
and you’ll have all the support needed
to go forward

in the meantime keep your eyes and heart open
do your part of the work
and dance

and when the time comes you will know
it’s just the first jump of its kind
and smile
seeing you have nothing
besides the new voice inside
giving you roots and stability

be patient and kind
no one must win the fight between you
and you
you’ll only find what you gave to others
can’t win can’t lose can’t cheat can’t ask for a break

be patient


Disempowered and empowered in the same time

How I felt after life purpose came to me?

  1. A sense of inner power and stability, a source I can come back to whenever needed in order to connect with myself.
  2. I know nothing. Everything I thought I knew about me, life and everything else seems useless.
  3. A vision is not something I accomplish, it is a cause that might happen in 100 or 200 years.
  4. I don’t lead people where I want them to go. I inspire people like me to go where they already, truly want to go.

Two words on life purpose

Yesterday I ended a journey. After 2 years and a half of life purpose searching, life purpose came to me.

If you read this, you may be like me. You may search for your purpose, in your way.

I only want to say 2 thing I felt yesterday, while actually feeling that I do have a purpose and that, whatever must happen, will happen.

  1. We are not our mind, your thoughts, body, your bad decisions, your weaknesses, your struggle – we are spirit and we are more than enough
  2. Do your part, decide, live healthy, enjoy life no matter what and you will be able to enjoy the right harvest for you

Go. Live.


The exercise that will help you take control of your life

Yesterday I was watching something named ”Who are you?”, a theta healing trainer was discussing identity. And she said something that got me thinking. ”Most of the time, the thing that doesn’t allow us find what we are looking for is the actual search. We can’t find because we are busy searching. And then, there’s one more thing. After I found it, what’s there for me to do?”

Some time ago I decided I must search for my life purpose. And since then, I am searching. In other words, if we really set ourselves to do something, we will do that. The nuance is what are we actually signing for?

If you struggle with anything, it’s a cause set in motion. You decided something and what you think, feel and live it’s a response of your initial belief and decision. For example, if you can’t find something, it may be because you set yourself into searching, not into actually living it.

Now, how do you actually take control of your life?


Our mind:

  1. Conscious
    • Goal: To understand
    • Content: Goals, Clarity, Short term memory
    • Percent: 10%
  2. Sub-conscious
    • Goal: To protect and be right
    • Content: beliefs, thoughts and emotions about self and the world, fight of flight response, remembered trauma, long term memories, protection, fears, desires
    • Percent: 50-60%
  3. Unconscious
    • Goal: To survive
    • Content: early impressions (in utero, birth, 1st year), physiological systems, instinctual responses, forgotten trauma, cellular memory
    • Percent: 30-40%


The exercise:

What are the 5 beliefs that have the most power over your life right now?

More specifically, who have you decided you are, if you struggle with self, or what you decided about the world, if you struggle with external factors?

The deeper you’ll go, the more you’ll find out.

Powerful beliefs will transform into conscious or subconscious decisions, decisions will be followed by actions, actions will be followed by results and consequences.

How you actually take control of your life?

Create new healthy, powerful beliefs that are stronger than the 5 you found out and that are aligned with your soul and spirit, not only with your mind, so you don’t lose your time and energy with more illusions.


Day 22

you looked like a poem
acted like one
even talked like a poem
being as alive as someone can be
some sort of delicacy and power
or maybe i am just looking for my father’s violence
inside a stranger
you were patient
quite remarcable
i am recreating myself
so i can see
that i only see what i am
only admire what i am
5th avenue
insert your coin
let go
and laugh a little


Another word on objectives. Do you really want it? For real now.

Funny how things happen sometimes. These days I was listening Eric Thomas who become very well known after his speach. “When you want it as much as you wanna breathe…”

I signed up for a workshop today on how to make money from what you know. Yet, I wasn’t sure if I want to go. “Another workshop, more info and no action on my part.”

Although, it was beyond my expectations. In a break I went and asked the speaker about the thing I think I most struggle with.

He said “If you don’t do it, I think you don’t want it.”

Let’s be clear on this one: This is not motivational bla bla.

It just opened up something in me. I realized how I made the biggest changes when the pain was to big and I said “This is enough. No more.” And I found a way. Quick. This is how we work most of the time.

There is a saying: “When you want it, there’s a way. When you don’t want it, there are excuses.”

Now, he also said I don’t have to wait until it hurts. It is a choice.

Do I really want it?

Do you really want it?

For real now.


A seeker doesn’t need any answers

Whenever I met people I considered better than me, I asked questions in order to get myself closer to what I wanted to get. A question created another question who created another question. And another question. An illussion. Then another illusion.

I started this inner journey because I had to. And the purpose of a journey is to make the journey, not to find a solution that ends it.


Victor apologizes

I am staying in a bakery, prepared to write today’s text, when I hear something.

Besides me, a father and his son, around 5 years old, named Victor. The kid says: “I apologize I behaved the way I did. I was stirred.”

Quite honest.

Victor apologizes.

“Do you want me to help you drink your juice? After a pause: See? I helped you.”

He’s playing and running around. Talks about Santa Claus’s age, Christmas and more.


Help Catalina continue her studies

Catalina wants to continue her architecture studies in Paris and she needs our help.

“I took a gap year, moved to Spain and worked as a tour guide and as an English teacher to raise money for the next year of university. I decided that this time I was going to Paris because architecture requires knowledge, experimentation and a broad culture and this is what Paris meant to me. This city inspires me in my photography, filmmaking, graphic design and sketching. It is a tough city for a newcomer but I believe I can soften it up in time.”

We can help her here.


When I see you, I see purpose

I saw someone on the internet today. She recently graduated psychology. She is driven. She decided. She goes for it.

I wanted to write her a line and say: “When I look at you, I see purpose.”

Then I realized I must write that line to myself. To myself. You can do it, boy. It’s in you. It always was. Stop foolin around and go do it. Don’t let yourself down. Play Eric Thomas if you need it and go for that walk. Don’t lose it to yourself. Put yourself together. You are not the pain. You are not yiur vanity. You are not your need for love. You are not the smart movies you saw. You are not the poetry you wrote if you use it wrong.

When I look in your eyes I see purpose.

Let’s do that walk.

Are you in?


Hello, fear, I am not going away

Hello, fear

I will tell you a story you know very well.

I wake up, start doing, then you, fear, come up to see how I’m doing. Stupid thoughts start chatting, I feel hurt, small and I’m running away. Then you disappear too.

You know what? You are a great teacher. I am now aware that you are not here to test me, to hurt me, to stop me from anything. You are just watching.

I have a message for you.

I am not going away from now on. I am staying. You can do whatever you want. We will either run together or you will be the one who goes away.

Plus, the narrative of love and fear is just a story. There’s no love and fear, good and bad, talented and failure. There’s only one energy. The same voice that shows me how to open my heart and love is the one to see what am I am up to.

So, welcome, fear! Are you up for our next run? 🙂

How would your letter to fear look like?


Day 20

do you know where’s…
around the corner
you just can’t see it because of
you are very nice, i would have said
would you drink a tea
these days
or admire the rain with me
or the stars
or our inner spirits
yes we can
there’s a lot to be seen inside these days
no argument about that
then she smiled

i was there 3 days after that
previously shoot the hope with a shotgun
after the advice of a spiritual teacher
so i knew you’re not there
you’re here


City lights

Walking through the central parts of the city, with some good music in my headphones or simply watching people, buildings and everything else gives me a good feeling about myself and everything around me.

Today I walked by a cinema without knowing it’s there. Entered and watched the film that was running tonight.

Everythin’s a gift if you are aware of the present moment and dare to see it this way.

What activity gives you a good feeling about yourself?


Day 19

freud metamorfozat într-o pisică grasă
nerăbdător şi atent
vizitele sunt tot mai rare sau tot mai vizite
frați şi surori de suferință sau praf stelar
pentru toți oamenii fără far
picturi în debara tot mai curat în mintea mea
fiecare loc mă va duce la mine fiecare om mă va ducea mine
existența e o secundă
toate străzile duc la roma
joaca ne face vii


What’s your illusion and how to decrease suffering?

Mine is that something is missing.

It’s nothing else than a distructive story of the mind. The story creates suffering because it is based on a distorted reality.

Tony Robbins explains that all suffering comes from 3 thoughts:

  1. the illusion of loss
  2. the illusion of less
  3. the illusion of never

Whenever you think or feel you lost something, you have less of something than you desire, or you think of something or someone in terms of never: “I/ he/ she will never get that/ there”.

  1. loss – based on unacceptance or a lack of perspective
  2. less – based on a hungry ego or a lack of perspective
  3. never – based on a fixed mindset, a lack of perspective

They are all based on desire.

What is desire?

A poor understanding of reality.

What is reality?

Here and now.

How can you experience reality?

Be aware of what’s around you, without attaching anything to it.

How to escape illusion, desire and suffering?

Instead of wanting something for yourself, give.

Start with yourself. Then give to everyone in need.


Having the freedom to do the simple things

Having the freedom to walk the streets looking for a tailor, discovering new places, asking for help, smiling patiently and for no reason.

This and many others simple things can bring us an immense joy and connect us with ourselves and the whole world.

With one condition.

To give them an empowering meaning. Every day.

All this already has a meaning. Sometimes it’s “Oh, I have to go there and do that again. I hate it.” Go for “This is a great opportunity for me to enjoy my day, do something new, do something exciting, smile to someone, help someone, express joy and compassion”.

Everything has a meaning already. Is it one that brings you joy? You can decide today. And reapeat it daily.

You have the freedom. You are the freedom. Enjoy.

What simple things have you enjoyed last week?


My life is my message

It’s bee said that a journalist once asked Ghandi what is his message.

“What is your message? What is your message?”, the journalist asked.

Ghandi replied “My life. My life is my message.”

While hearing this I realized why living a remarkable life is so valuable both for me and anyone else. We can use millions of words, repeat all of our thoughts over and over again.

But how we decide to live our lives daily will be our message.

What is your message and how are you living it in your daily life?



Today I saw the 1 hour speach of Alain de Botton, founder of The School of Life, at Royal Opera House. It is a remarkable speach.

In its first part its deconstructing what romaticism is, why is it this way, how it’s impacting our intimate relationships and it is also offering a few specific solutions.

You will easily find it on youtube.

What I discover while listening is that I live my life by some principles promoted by other people without even knowing it.

While living a social life, experimenting, learning and growing it’s normal to also absorb ideas that are not yours. But when you don’t even know about it, when you take your choices and act based on something without having a clue about it, when you build relationships based on some authors, maybe things deserve to be observed a bit closer.

You can dig deeper by watching the speach.

If you watched it, what you discovered and want to share?


Action and Non-action (How to master anything)

Non-action builds fear and doubt.

Action builds trust and courage.

This is why gladiators, performers, leaders prefer to act and promote action to their menties.

Action creates and we are all creators. You have infinite potential and posibilities. No matter how big and old your struggles are.

Make the first step.

Do you want to excel in something?

Engage in it.

Play. Experiment. Test it. If you decide you want to continue, keep doing it and you will master it.


Stability and Unstability

All of us need both stability and unstability in our lives.

Some aspects are or will be stable while some others are and will be unstable. For a certain moment. And this is key. They will change all the time.

If not attached, we will be able to dive through them and evolve hapilly.


How to take better decisions

Radical decisions mean:

  1. Listening to your heart
  2. Expressing courage
  3. Being aware and taking responsability for the consequences of your actions
  4. Staying on your course no matter what others think or say
  5. If things don’t work as planned, get the lessons and try new solutions

There is more

In any area you want to grow, know there is more. More perspectives to see, more light every day, more joy, more into an intimate relationship. More love to express and receive.

You may find this out one day. Through yourself, through an experience, a friend, an event.

And you may open up. You may open up and live in a more profound way.

In any area you want to grow, know there is less. Less to worry about, less to be afraid of, less to attach yourself to.

And you open up. Open up and live in a more profound way.


Concentrate on being

“Concentrate on being. Just being. Just that. Doing comes from being. Being doesn’t come from doing.”

Let yourself be. Everything will evolve from there.

It’s great that things happened the way they did. Everything happens for your own good. Everything’s a lesson, a reason for joy, being and giving.

Concentrate on being.


Where there’s will, there’s a Way

No matter the weather, feelings and emotions, illness, accidents and tragedies, I promise you, where there’s will, there’s a way.

Break the circle of your suffering through a 5 minutes walk, meditation, a tea, 10 smiles a day, gratitude, helping someone in need.

Where there’s will, there’s a way.

Day by day, I am becoming me.


Look around you

Today I received an unexpected challenge.

After being sure I don’t want to conquer it, I decided to go out, take a walk and, maybe, watch for solutions.

What I needed was right in front me. All I needed was to go out, calm and keep my eyes open.

This happend so many times, when I was actually open to receive.

Many times, the answers are not far from us.

Are you open to see?


What life wants from me?

We often ask ourselves “What do I want from life?”

What if you would ask “What life wants from me?”

Being aware that life is a lot more than our current horizont and that you can be a gift for every thing and everyone you will ever interract with, life gets new dimenssions and a new face in the mirror of reality.

What life wants from you?


Do you have The Imposter Syndrome?

For a long time I was thinking that I am afraid of failing. Therefore, I used to stop whatever I was setting my mind to do, thinking that I will fail anyway.

Recently, while doing an exercise on accomplishing things, I realized I am not scared of failure at all. Failure was just one layer. In the background, it was something quite different and deeper. I was feeling I don’t deserve to be and do something remarkable.

Today I was at a workshop, simply to see the speaker live and ask my question. I want to make the transition from amateur artist and professional artist, but I feel a lot of pain in the process.

After a few questions on my current situation, he said “Be aware that you will probably do it for free for two years. Offer what you are doing to people who are interested in what you do and continue to develop yourself. I also think that what you are confronting with it’s actually the imposter syndrome.”

Indeed, when you name something, you become bigger than the thing you named. So I started to study about the imposter syndrome.

The imposter syndrome = thinking that you can’t do, you are not good enough and people will find out that you worth nothing.

Wait, is it just a thought? I am not a thought. I am a human being. So, I can change this.

Back home I realized that the imposter syndrome manifested itself in intimate relationships, when making websites, when being a freelancer, when wanted to become an entrepreneur, when wanting to become a professional artist. So, in whatever was important to me.

In the past few years I talked with a few experts about my struggle on accomplishing stuff. They all said I can. And this was frustrating. How can they say I can when they don’t even know me? I know me and I know I can. I convinced myself that I can’t, so anything that came my way didn’t felt right.

“Kings and philosophers shit. And so do ladies.” – Montaigne

Who’s someone who feels like an imposter?

A dreamer who want to do great things but do not believe he/ she can do so. A person who feels powerful emotions, both positive and negative, want to love and be loved, wants to fly, but is shaking on the ground. What is the difference between him and a pilot? None. Are you your thoughts? Your emotions? Your dreams?

“Nothing stays between you from today and you from tomorrow” – The School of Life

Valerie Young says that the difference between the people who have the imposter syndrome and those who don’t is having different thoughts. About yourself, about your power. She also says that the imposter syndrome affects 70% of people. So maybe it’s worth we talk and do something about it.



You realize that flying is neither hard or impossible after starting to move your wings.

Clumsy at first and, without realizing, you start enjoying your new activity and feel like you’ve been doing it since for ever.



If you are doing any type of inner search, want to solve an inner conflict or make something happen, you can go for daily journalying.

Things will come out.

Possible guidelines:

  • writing daily for 1-2-3 months, so you can see patterns and get some real sources behind your thoughts and actions
  • ask good questions that will help you go forward – you’ll find them if you’re honest with yourself
  • learn more about journaling and try different approaches
  • yes, it’s oldschool, but if you really, really, really want results use pen and paper. buy a notebook and a pen and try at least 3 times; then you’ll know why this is a lot better

Be aware that both great and not so great things will come out of it.

What matters is knowing why are you doing it.



Uncertainty is part of our existence.

It seems difficult to embrace it and the reasons are multiple:

  • we use our minds to create negative scenarious
  • we hold on to who we think we are, to our story, to what we think we can and can not do, to what we think we have and don’t have
  • we hold on to our past
  • we hold on to what we might be, do or have in some imagined future
  • we hold on to what we think about others

All this creates violence, suffering and distorted reality.

All you blame is within you.

All you blame is within you.

But nothing’s actually yours.

Take a step back and watch.

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